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ECO in the Media

(updated 02/27/09) 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with writers, photographers and cinematographers, some free-lance, most on assignment. Additionally, we have hosted many members of the national and international media at the request of the Utah Travel Council. If your project requires some local expertise, please give us a call. I am sure that we can help facilitate. Below is list of the national releases.


National Geographic Adventure, May 2007
Great Summer Trips '07 included an article entitled The Great Family Escape. Scrambling Secret Slots describes our 5 day adventure for the Junior Explorers Club, ages 9 years and up.

Outside, March 2006
Our new trip into the Waterpocket Fold section of Capitol Reef National Park is a 2006 Trip of the Year Winner.

National Geographic Adventure, March 2005
In an article called New Frontiers of the Southwest: Glen Canyon Born Again our Glen Canyon One tour is mentioned as the way to see Davis Gulch and other newly emerged canyons.

Global, October/November 2004
In an articled entitled Destination Utah, Grant and writer Steve Duffy hike, swim and explore in the heat of summer.

National Geographic Adventure, November 2003
Escalante Canyon Outfitters is honoured by NGA as one of the best 25 Worldwide Adventures! Every year, NGA chooses and ranks global adventures and this year ECO is #2 out of 25.

Travel & Leisure, April 2003
ECO lead guide, Grant Johnson, and writer, Tom Huth, explore a little of the Escalante for a piece Inside Utah's Grand Staircase.

National Geographic Adventure, March 2003
Grant Johnson and Trish Hawkins spend 8 days exploring the Kaiparowitz Plateau with photographer Macduff Everton. Photographs are to illustrate a story by David Roberts.

Abenteuer und Reisen, 2002
Writer Ole Helmhausen and photographer Patrice Halley, on assignment for Germany's largest travel and adventure magazine, joined us on a five day trip in August of 2001.

National Geographic Adventure March/April 2001, Canyon Confidential by David Roberts with photographs by Russell Kaye. Grant, Sue and Claire guided Russell for a 4 day shoot on the Escalante. Grant appears on the contents page and with Sue and Claire on page 102.

NHK (Japanese Public Television), Everett Ruess documentary. This was a six day filming project with a small Japanese TV crew featuring the wilderness and adventure in the Escalante. Grant features prominently in this film. Made in Coyote Gulch, the nature scenes are beautiful.

National Geographic Traveler, April 2000
Grant and Tina Karlsson spent 6 days on the river with photographer Tom Bell and writer Jeff Rennicke for a feature on traveling with ECO in the Escalante. This 10 page feature story wonderfully illustrates what it is like to explore the Escalante with us.

National Geographic America's Back Roads and Byways by Ron Fisher and Sarah Leen. This book features a section on Grand Staircase-Escalante. Grant spend a day with hiking with Ron Fisher and several days guiding photographer Sarah Leen in the canyons for the book project.

Outside, January 1999, Trip Finder. "Five or six days of camping and hiking in the classic bedrock of America's newest great park...horses shouldering the load...into a red-rock panorama..." Outfitters: Escalante Canyon Outfitters.

Travel Holiday, March 1999. Grant, Sue and daughter Claire spent the day guiding photographer Macduff Everton who illustrated the article, 'The Wild and the Dammed'. Sue appears on page 91.

National Geographic Adventure, Spring 1999. Grant guided photographer Russell Kaye for images for a story called 'What Happened to Everett Ruess' by David Roberts. 'To explore the larger Escalante River canyon country, sign up with Grant Johnson and Sue Fearon of Escalante Canyon Outfitters. The couple run all-inclusive four to six day hiking trips into the wildest regions of the Escalante.'

National Geographic, July 1999, Grand Staircase-Escalante page 94.
Len Jenshel and Diane Cook were on assignment with NGS to illustrate this story on the monument. ECO spent five days guiding them in the back country. Len allowed us to use one of his images in our recent brochure.

Outside, April 1997, 'The Escalante Wilderness Imbroglio' by Frederick Turner. The Mark Klett photographs were taken on one of our canyon trips (many have recognized Molly dog on page 65). Grant, Sue and Doug Campbell can be seen on a redrock perch. (pg. 66) 'From its base in Boulder, Utah, Escalante Canyon Outfitters offers four-to six-day horse-supplied hiking trips.' (pg 69)

Vanished!! ,Turner Original Productions, Summer 1997. This was a 16 day wilderness shoot for the filming of a HDTV movie by cinematographer Dyanna Taylor and her production crew. The story was inspired by the life of Everett Ruess and the cinematography is beautiful. All the guides and the horses are in this one.